The Inauguration—An Event Worthy of Our Children’s Respect

Watching the peaceful transition of power in our nation’s capital is the best course to take after this month's tragedy in Washington D.C. The riots earlier this month represent a somber and disheartening moment in our nation’s history, one we will remember in the years to come. Regardless of your political point of view, we... Continue Reading →

Keep Calm… Mask On… And Carry On!

We're on the precipice of a cold and dark winter; the pandemic's darkest hours are around the corner. It’s up to us to face it head-on, make a plan, and come out on the other end stronger. Pick that chin up and enough of the G@d damn melancholy! It’s time to set our sights on... Continue Reading →

Confessions from a Job-Hunting/Quarantining Dad

A Father’s lengthy job hunt dovetailed into the Springtime-Covid quarantine. The result - habits and concerns that do not equate to normal behavior. At a certain point, after you job hunt for ten months and then spend the next eight working from home, you are hit with a moment of clarity. You are not the... Continue Reading →

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