My Mother’s Lost Photographs

Tucked inside an old film camera, my son discovered an undeveloped roll of film. We processed the photographs my mother never had the chance to see... two years after she passed away.

The Paradox of the Abandoned Castle Turret: Safety or Adventure?

When a parent has to choose between safety and adventure, sometimes it's a paradox. A tale from our trip to Ireland, and an abandoned turret, and the choice a dad had to make.

The Wrap-Around Holiday: The Easiest Way to Enjoy a Two-Week Vacation

It would be a shame for the kids not to see grandma and grandpa at Christmas; The other holidays during the year? Sacrifice them to extend your holiday. One week vacations are nice, no doubt about it, but the opportunity to disconnect for two entire weeks comes with benefits. First, this is not for families... Continue Reading →

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