In Troubling Times, The Values to Espouse with Kids—Promote Responsibility

A collective effort to tamp down the spread of the Coronavirus, among ALL members of the family provides an opportunity for parents to promote personal and community responsibility. Let’s embrace it so our kids are better prepared today and later in life.

How The Pandemic Will Influence Our Perception about Life Itself

Considering what previous generations endured during pandemics, and how better prepared we are, perhaps the Coronavirus will provide us with a new outlook on life itself.

The Life Lessons I Learned from Neil Peart

My interest in playing the drums ignited into an obsession after I was introduced to the band, Rush. Their drummer not only inspired me, the lessons I learned during the process made me a better man. When people consider the loss of Neil Peart, the drummer who played in Rush, many will associate the word... Continue Reading →

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