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The Father Apprentice is dedicated to men experiencing fatherhood for the first time who may not have had fathers themselves growing up. It provides succinct advice that is actionable across a range of subjects that relate to being a great parent, husband and role model. The mission is to provide a stronger foundation for the next generation.


Kendall and his son, Connor
A.K.A. Connor the Barbarian

Kendall Smith lives in New Jersey, has been married for nearly 15 years and has a five-year-old son named Connor. He works by day in the digital-video industry and in the mornings as an author. His literary work covers a range of subject matter, including the thriller, Vault 21-12 (Percussion Publishing / 2015) and he dabbles in political satire.


My parents separated when I was six-years-old and they were divorced by the time I was nine. Since I was a young kid, I knew I wanted to provide a better experience to my future children when I became a father. I’ll leave it at that.

Why the blog? It represents the platform for a broader story I want to tell about fatherhood: how meaningful it is, the importance of male role models and the rewards one receives as an active and engaged parent.

Fortunately, I married an awesome woman, which makes this all work.


I’m pleased to announce that the book that inspired this blog, which utilizes the same title, will be released by Familius Publishing in the Fall of 2021. They represent a publisher dedicated to parents and children alike, and inspire those who are committed to raising healthy and well-balanced families. I look forward to working with them to bring this manuscript to life.

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